Saturday, June 20, 2009

Junkin Day

Today is Saturday, so my husband and I get up early and go to all the garage sales in our area. If it is winter time we hit all the pawn shops and antique stores. We call it junkin and we love it. Today we didn't find much. I bought some cork tiles for my studio wall and a book. I love to get all the books on my reading list at yard sales for a quarter or fifty cents. Much cheaper than buying them at the book store. In the winter I use our local library. We have a saying though......"If we can't us it or we don't need it we don't buy it". No since in recycling junk. Some Saturdays we fill my little truck up and some Saturdays we come home empty. Either way it is fun and something we enjoy doing together. What do you do on Saturday morning?

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