Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Cards

Finally got some get up and go to make some new cards. Enjoy! I just love the We Mooved card. I created it on my computer in Illustrator. It was so much fun. I wish I could move so I could pass them out with my new address on the inside.
The It's All Down Hill From Here card is a custom card for someones 40th birthday. I can also change the age on the flag to any age. What a great card!
The I See You're Swigin Up In Years is also a custom card for a D.O.T (Department of Transportation) officer. This card was a tough one, but once I came up with the idea it was a blast to make.
I am also trying to get a jump on Halloween. Slow it goes though.
My Midnight Trees Card made it in a Etsy Treasury. Take a Peek;)

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