Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Look What We Found

My husband went to cover up the 4 wheeler with a tarp he left on the ground for a week and surprise underneath was this nest with an egg in it. We put the tarp back over the nest and wondered why the bird would build a nest on the ground where all kind of creatures could get to that precious egg. The next day we looked under the tarp and surprise another egg. Well now we need the tarp, so we took a bucket and cut a door in it so the mother bird can get into check on the eggs. This morning I saw her coming out of the bucket which is great. I was worried she might not go back to the nest since we disturbed the tarp. I hope nothing gets the eggs. Like a snake or a skunk. I will keep and eye on the nest and keep you all posted. Oh by the way the eggs are white with brown spots. Anybody have any idea what kind of chicks might hatch?

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